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  Service Types Procedures
1 Sports injury diagnosis outpatient service 服務流程
2 Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
3 Chinese medicine physical therapy outpatient service
4 Sport Psychology Consultation
5 Sports Nutrition Evaluation Outpatient Services
6 Physical Fitness Check-up for Athletes
  1. Relevant sports associations should submit name list of concerned athletic training members to Sports Bureau in written form
  2. Sports Medicine Centre will contact association for appointment
  3. Conduct physical fitness check-up, blood health check-up and physical function assessment
  4. Related report to be delivered to relevant athletic training team (14 working days subsequent to completion of all check-ups)
7 Health Check-up Service for Athletes
8 Physical Function Test & Assessment for Athletes
9 Physical Fitness Test and Assessment of Residents 服務流程
10 Rehabilitation training classes
  • First make an appointment either by telephone or in person at Centre (to be conducted according to appointment period in each phase)
  • Register information at reception
  • Patient will be led to physician’s consultation room for diagnosis and check-up
  • Proceed to cashier for payment
  • Sign in and attend classes on schedule on 2nd floor