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Sports Bureau (the 'Bureau') is a bureau-level public department with administrative autonomy. With a remit to instruct, encourage, assist and promote physical education and sports development, the Bureau is dedicated to creating essential conditions for sports development whilst liaising with sports associations and relevant personnel.


(1) Implement physical education policies to extensively arouse public interest (especially teenagers) in physical education and sport; propagate the moral, cultural and social values of physical education and sport to draw attention to the importance of physical training and the maintenance of a healthy, quality life;
(2) Compile and propose annual and multi-year schemes and projects promoting sports development;
(3) Ensure the development of high-standard competitive sport as well as technology and support recreational activities;
(4) Advocate schemes facilitating popularisation of physical training;
(5) Foster establishment of physical education and sports regulations amongst associations and provide assistance to approved sports associations;
(6) Develop construction and renovation schemes of sports infrastructure according to the nature of different sports and applicable standards;
(7) Promote organisation of physical education training and further educational activities;
(8) Co-operate with public or private educational institutions dedicated to developing physical education and relevant training;
(9) Promote and assist sports exchanges between local or international public and private entities, while advocating such parties enter into agreements or protocols governing sports development and relevant duty implementation;
(10) Arrange and assist major sports activities providing significant public benefit organised by the MSAR, while providing all required technical support;
(11) Promote and Assist the development of Sport Science.
(12) Implement tasks not stated above but ordered by the Chief Executive, of a job nature considered to be among the general duties of the Bureau.


  • Promote the sustained and positive development of local physical education and sport.


  • Propagate health-related message of achieving 'a harmonious society, social integration of people with or without disabilities, life-long participation in sports’;
  • Develop Sport for All to enhance residents’ physical condition;
  • Utilise sports facilities and resources in an effective manner;
  • Continuously optimise and expand planning and management of public sports facilities and network;
  • Promote the development of high-standard competitive sports and organise or co-organise major international sports competitions;
  • Provide a variety of Sport for all activities;
  • Propose strategies and implementation schemes for Macao’s future sports development based on current sports development, with the ultimate goal of improving and enhancing Macao’s overall sports level;
  • Study the policies, operation and effectiveness of Macao’s current physical education in areas of competitive sport, Sport for all and sports facilities, etc.


  • Provide people-oriented services to the public
  • Pursue innovative development via unremitting effort
  • Promote life-long participation in sports and fitness for all